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Die GLS Bank ist in Deutschland die Refernz für sozial und ökologisches Banking. Wer bei der GLS Bank Kunde ist, kann sich sicher sein, dass sein Geld dazu beiträgt die Zukunft zu gestalten, die wir uns alle wüsnchen. Investitionen gehen in eigens sehr strickt aufgelegte Fonds welche das 1.5°C Ziel bereits erfüllen. Keine Kinderarbeit, keine Waffen, kein Genforschung oder andere negativ Themen - sondern erneuerbare Energien, Soziales und Kultur, ökologische Landwirtschaft, Ernährung, nachhaltige Wirtschaft und weitere positiv beitragende Vorhaben werden ausschließlich unterstützt. Als Kunde bei der Bank trägt man dazu bei, dass ausschließlich diese positiven Projekte gefördert werden. Der strickte Zuspruch zu sozial und ökologischen Projekten wird bei allen Produkten, die ein Kunde von seiner Bank kennt (Baugredite, Firmenkredite, Altersovrsorge, Anlagen, Investitionen etc) unabweichlich eingehalten. Privatpersonen, Firmen und Vereine werden darüber hinaus aktiv unterstützt ihrn eigenen Impact zu verbessern. Die GLS Bank ist eine Universal-Bank, bei welcher man nahezu alle Finanzdienstleistungen in Anspruch nehmen kann - jedoch immer unter einer strickten sozial, ökologischen und nachhaltigen Perspektive. Die Bank ist überwiegend in Deutschland tätig. Es können alle Dienste online wahrgenommen werden und es gibt mehrere Filialen für den persönlichen Besuch. Desweiteren besticht die Bank durch Ihre Rechtsform, die Genossenschaft. Die mitgleiderbestimmte Gesellschaftsform ist darauf gegründet in Gemeinschaft einen gesellschaftlich positiven Beitrag zu leisten. Mit der GLS Bank gibt es keinen Bedarf mehr als Privatperson sowie Firma bei einer konventionellen Bank zu sein und indirekt Umweltvernichtende Projekte zu unterstützen. Die GLS Bank bietet den vollumassenden Banken-Service mit reinem und ehrlichem guten Gewissen. Klimaschutz kann so einfach sein: Werde jetzt Mitglied bei der GLS Bank. The GLS Bank is the reference for social and ecological banking in Germany. Anyone who is a customer of GLS Bank can be sure that their money will help shape the future that we all want. Investments are made in specially designed funds that already meet the 1.5 ° C target. No child labor, no weapons, no genetic research or other negative topics - only renewable energies, social affairs and culture, ecological agriculture, nutrition, sustainable economy and other positively contributing projects are exclusively supported. As a customer at the bank, you help ensure that only these positive projects are funded. The strict encouragement to social and ecological projects is inevitably complied with for all products that a customer knows from their bank (building loans, corporate loans, old-age provision, systems, investments, etc.). Private individuals, companies and associations are also actively supported to improve their own impact. The GLS Bank is a universal bank, where you can take advantage of almost all financial services - but always under a strict social, ecological and sustainable perspective. The bank operates predominantly in Germany. All services can be used online and there are several branches for personal visits. Furthermore, the bank impresses with its legal form, the cooperative. The member-determined form of society is based on making a socially positive contribution in community. With the GLS Bank, there is no longer any need to be a private person or company with a conventional bank and indirectly support environmentally damaging projects. GLS Bank offers the full banking service with a clear and honest good conscience. Climate protection can be so easy: become a member of GLS Bank now.

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Hans-Juergen Wiegand is a man who lives his work passions and family, with determination. A philanthropist, who has held important positions in the chemical and automotive world, in particular with Daimler AG (Mercedes-Benz). He loves to travel, attaining knowledge and experience from different cultures. These experiences have shaped him, with a particular acumen in recognizing the best in human beings. Hans thrives on helping young people, to realize their dreams, as he has realized his own. Hans is an inspirational leader, with the competence to restructure and transform organizations. He is very flexible with people, and stands like a rock when it comes to principles. Whatever happens, he will always stay positive.

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Mandy Shrimpton is the quintessential people’s person. Mandy believes that success is measured by the quality of our human-relationships rather than the results we manifest through sheer will. Mandy firmly established herself as the heart of the non-profit organisation that she co-founded and ran with her adoring husband for 17 years. Mandy loves walking in nature with her family, hugging trees, and preserving the environment. She also enjoys being creative and is particularly fond of painting flowers. As a very happily married and devoted mother to four children, Mandy has cultivated a deep appreciation for the culinary arts and relishes the spare moments she gets to watch her favourite cooking shows. This initiative reflects how Mandy sees the world, helping to create positive synergy. Fostering unity and courteous community, building partner relationships and motivating affiliates. Born and bred in Africa, Mandy understands the concept of Ubuntu. I am, because we are. Together we can make the world a better place. Using her skills and experience to make a difference. Helping others see through the fog of new technologies, avoid common marketing mistakes and develop better business strategies. With a subtle blend of motherhood and effective project management, Mandy is the perfect professional partner, to show others the merits of this initiative. Shining a light on the path to prosperity, while not losing our footing in family values and humble humanity. Sharing is caring, while enriching ourselves spiritually and materially. We cannot give freely, if we don't have. "Sometimes the world makes more sense, through the eyes of a mother. Using protective instinct and family fortitude, to help one another." ~ Mandy Shrimpton

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Cindy Vine Travels and Portugal, Cindy Vine is an author, mother of three kids, with lots of life experiences she uses as an inspiration source to write her books about. She is a teacher and uses her teaching qualifications to travel around the world teaching. Cindy Vine's novels are known for their sharp insight on interpersonal relationships. Cindy loves to travel and enjoy taking photos and videos to document her trip. That's so that when her memory starts to fade she can remember what she's done and where she's been. So if you are a fellow traveller or an armchair traveller, you will be interested in following her adventures. Cindy decided to moove to Portugal and just purchased a 2.5hec. farm in Central Portugal. Interesting to understand why she chose moving to Portugal and what future she's expecting to live, this was the dream of her life. She bought an old farm abandoned with a big garden also abandoned. We talked about why she chose moving to Portugal and what future. The farm is called Bela Pedra that means Pretty Stone. She started restoring it and taking care of the garden, planting trees and farming, all on her ow, learning day by day with passion and care and documenting her journey on her YouTube channel and blogs. She is admirable for the positive strength she has, she is an example of how anyone can reach their dreams.

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L’azienda agricola Cantina LeViti è una piccola realtà imprenditoriale nel cuore delle Langhe piemontesi, territorio celebre per la ricchezza e la qualità dei suoi vini. Una produzione caratterizzata da scelte originali, in armonia con le tradizioni e con la natura, per proporre vini intensi e unici. Silvio Levi è il titolare dell’azienda, viticoltore premuroso e cellar manager di talento, capace di esprimere energia e complessità in tutte le sue etichette. “Credo nell’equilibrio fra tradizione e innovazione. Sono convinto che per ottenere un vino di qualità, nel pieno rispetto della natura e della salute, si debba lavorare soprattutto in vigna, intervenendo il minimo indispensabile in cantina. Questo, a mio avviso, permette di rendere riconoscibili le peculiarità originarie e uniche delle diverse vigne, che quindi si riflettono nelle caratteristiche dei vini. Assieme alla mia compagna Lucia ci siamo trasferiti nelle Langhe quando ho aperto a Dogliani l’azienda agricola LeViti (gioco di parole che si scrive tutto attaccato a indicare identità fra me e la terra). L’azienda che oggi conduco è nata all’inizio degli anni 80 dal figlio di un mezzadro di mio nonno. Come spesso succede, però, i figli degli agricoltori scelgono la vita più confortevole e sicura del lavoro d’ufficio, mentre io, figlio di professori e cittadino, chiuso in un ufficio mi sentivo prigioniero di quelle quattro mura. Il vecchio contadino stava per chiudere e gli splendidi vini che produceva si sarebbero persi per sempre, a meno che… L’azienda è individuale nel vero senso della parola: in vigna come in cantina ci sono sempre io. Lucia e la mia famiglia (mio fratello Dario, mia madre e mio padre) sono l’unico aiuto su cui posso contare, soprattutto nei momenti più complicati della vinificazione e della vendita. In passato ho avuto il piacere di insegnare il mestiere ad alcuni rifugiati politici e a un amico ligure che oggi conduce, con buonissimi risultati, una piccola vigna sulle colline dell’entroterra di Sanremo”.

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Ruggero e Orsetta sono sposati da oltre trent’anni e la passione per il vino, così come l’amore per le colline monferrine, li ha sempre accomunati. Nel 2012, dopo una lunga ricerca, scoprono la collina di Sant’Anna, le sue vigne e la cascina sul bricco: nasce così Sant’Anna dei Bricchetti e il sogno diventa realtà. Il primo passo è stato il recupero del corpo vitato intorno alla Cascina del Culunel, composto da cinque ettari di cui uno reimpiantato nel 2013. Fin dalla prima vendemmia la scelta è stata quella di lavorare nel rispetto dell’identità vinicola del territorio: Barbera e Moscato sono alla base dei sette vini proposti oggi da Sant’Anna dei Bricchetti e prodotti unicamente con uve di proprietà vendemmiate a mano. Ad affiancare Ruggero e Orsetta in questa avventura i figli Giulia e Giacomo, l’agronomo Piero Roseo e gli enologi Giuliano Noè e Claudio Dacasto, grandi conoscitori di quell’identità monferrina che è anima e cuore della filosofia aziendale.

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L’Azienda Agricola PininAgri nasce nel 2016 ponendosi l’obiettivo adoperare pratiche lungimiranti, volte ad ottenere prodotti ortofrutticoli con qualità superiori nel massimo rispetto verso l’ambiente e gli ecosistemi della collina di Moncalieri. In azienda si applica la lotta biologica conservativa, evitando nel modo più assoluto l'impiego di prodotti ampio spettro con l’obbiettivo di mantenere viva l'entomofauna utile. Inoltre si praticano inoculi di consorzi microbici nel terreno al fine di esprimere al massimo le potenzialità intrinseche delle colture in termini di resistenza, resa, gusto e qualità nutraceutiche.

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Anyone can be a Heritage Ambassador. Help take our past into the future. Spread the word and generate revenue. Make heritage your business and earn with your passion for art and culture. is an umbrella organization for everything pertaining to our heritage and respective cultures. Providing a platform for Heritage Ambassadors, to help take our past into the future. We are a passionate community that is compiling a comprehensive global directory and cultural map. Facilitating networking, training, work opportunities, events and marketplace.

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Taking our past into the future with Carolina Reviglio! Carolina enjoyed a carefree childhood in the Piedmont countryside. With many cousins and friends, the passion for culture was instilled from an early age. Surrounded by beauty and art in the family mansion Cimena, expertly curated by her grandmother namesake, Carolina. On the paternal side of the family, her Venetian grandmother was equally influential. The unique character and rich culture of Venice, epitomizes Carolina. While travelling often, she feels most at home, in the isles of Venice. Schooled in Italy and the United States, lived in provinces throughout the length of Italy, Carolina considers herself truly Italian, with an international vision. “My country is rich in heritage, but poor in the pocket to keep it so. It saddens me to see so many buildings in a state of disrepair.” She has honed the skills of renovation and interiors of historic buildings, since 1987. Learning by trial and error, spurned on by failure and ultimate success, Carolina has grown and prospered. Now is the time to give back. Helping artisans of all disciplines to find work and ply their trade with pride. Matching projects to professionals and vice versa. As Heritage Doyenne, Carolina’s primary contribution to this unique initiative, is to encourage the participation of Heritage Ambassadors. This cause is yet another open avenue, to take our past into the future. By intertwining culture and heritage, to create more synergy. “Only once we fully understand where we come from… and truly appreciate our heritage… can we imagine a fabulous future filled with the richness of our past. Life is ours to design!” ~ Carolina Reviglio

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Been there, done that... doing it all over again! Herby, a product of South Africa, vintage '63, Internaut since '82. Roaming the world since the age of 23 to date. Jack of all trades, master of none. Techie, pilot, nomad. Can travel~live~work, anywhere. Global village citizen, living without boundaries, my primary passions are aviation, the sea and Ubuntu Synergy. I am, because we are. Together. We create unity, foster community, motivate affiliates to generate residual revenue, and facilitate networking events. It's time to LIVE your life! My mission is to help people from all walks of life, gain financial independence, while caring for the world around us. I believe charity begins at the cash register. Just say no to donations. Learn how to earn. Make sure you have a meal, an income, clothes, a home and good health. Constantly bombing your mind with books and exercise, are two battles that win the war of longevity. I want to grow old. There is no planet B. I'm a big fan of renewable resources and ethical commerce. Gardens, farming, trees and bees, and anything that carries fleas. Helping our paw-legged friends in shelters, finding furever homes much faster. Same for birds, horses, donkeys, circus prisoners and liberating zoos. Noble causes that need proactive participants. Anyone can help: Scholars, students, employment seekers, those just over broke. Single and stay-at-home parents. Business owners, administrators and managers of any ilk. Retrenched and retired folks who still have much to give. Everyone can become successful super affiliates. Generating residual income is easy, and I will be your guide. With 40+ years in technology, aviation and extensive travel, this digital nomad has a wealth of experience to share. Helping others navigate the fear of failure and proven pathway to success. Point-and-click easy here >>

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