Why do we ask for your social ID?

Peruse these frequently asked questions about this initiative. If unanswered, consult the knowledge base and/or initiate a support request. This helps to increase the scope and usefulness of the FAQ. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this website and initiative really free?

Yes. There is no cost to create a user account. You are automatically allocated an affiliate ID, earning 5% commission. Simply share the website using the social icons on each page. You earn money every time a membership sale results from your referrals. Lifetime cookies, with real time click tracking and statistics.

What are the benefits of membership?

Get more involved in the community, participate in the 24/7 virtual meetups, take courses in the online academy, create directory listings, peruse the jobs board, attend local events, and shop the marketplace. Membership also increases your affiliate commission rate to 20% with an open path to 50% revenue share.

I don't want to login with my social ID?

That’s cool. Trust no-one. The irony is, that you have already sold your soul to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and/or Google. All we do with your social ID, is extract your First, Lastname and Email. We CANNOT post anything to your social walls. We use social login to keep anonymous idiots out. That goes a long way in keeping our community courteous. If you are not prepared to use your name, and participate as a real person, then this initiative is not for you. User trust is a two-way street. Thanks for your understanding.

What do I get out of my time and effort here?

Firstly, you will be supporting a worthy cause (the primary focus) without making donations. On the contrary, you will be MAKING money, as our business model is based on revenue sharing. You earn commissions for referring new paid memberships. Do what you love, and the money will flow freely.

How can I make some extra income with this?

Simply login, and you will be instantly issued an affiliate link. Share the website using the social icons on the left of every page. Note how your affiliate link is automatically included in the shared link. Basic users earn 5% for every successful membership sale. If you choose to become a member, your commission rate will be increased to 20% for every successful sale. Start for free and progressively build a residual revenue portfolio.

What's a successful sale, and how will I know?

As and when you share links with your affiliate ID attached, we track everything in real time. If someone pays for a membership as a result of your referral, you will instantly get a notification via email. This will state the referral is Unverified. Once their payment goes through OK, the referral is marked as Verified. We then credit up to 50% of that sale to your commissions total. Our affiliates are paid in full, on the 15th of every month.

Is this MLM or some kind of Pyramid Scheme?

A big NO-NO on both counts. Affiliate marketing has absolutely NOTHING to do with multi-level marketing. An affiliate program only pays a commission on a successful sale referral, whereby MLM pays people for indoctrinating OTHER people. Affiliate marketing is largely misunderstood, but commonplace. Have you bought something from Amazon lately? The Amazon empire was built using the revenue share business model. Whenever something is sold via an encoded Amazon shopping link, an affiliate somewhere gets a commission. Affiliate programs are an ethical way to promote and sell products, services and memberships.

Something to do with Blockchain, Crypto or NFT?

Not at all. We have nothing against the concept of blockchain. However, we consider crypto and NFT to be flights of financial fantasy. Rather invest (in yourself) here, and get a constant return on your investment! 

What's the catch with the unlimited income?

There is no catch. We see your scars. Burned by false promises of rapid wealth. We note your dusty wallet, emptied by the sweet talking gurus. You are broke, disheartened, and downright suspicious. We get it. Now, do like the Japanese, fall down 7, stand up 8. Join with us. It will cost you nothing but time and effort. Patch up your knees, get back on your bike (we supply the training wheels) and start peddling rapidly, to success!

When exactly will you pay me and how?

We pay our affiliates on the 15th of every month, at least THIRTY days after the date of each successful sale. For example, if a sale concludes on 10 January, that commission is paid on 15 February. Payments are sent electronically via Wise who deposits to your bank account. Set yourself up early with a free Wise Account.  

What do I have to bear in mind?

This is not a get-rich-quick scheme, nor a lottery. There is work involved, but it’s really not that hard. Get involved in the Community. Other members, will show you the way. Affiliate marketing is all about sharing!

... and what's the bottom line?

This is a great way to earn extra income, while caring for the world around us. Infused with the philosophy of Ubuntu Synergy and professionally managed by ZaGenie. It’s an essential step in The Art of Living Freely!

The Art of Living Freely!

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