Oranje Tractor Wines

Oranje Tractor was established by the two of us, and a whole lot of friends, family and guests. So, this is our story… With careers in the health field and a comfortable life in the city of Perth, one might wonder why, a couple of decades ago, we packed up and headed south. Some might call it a sea change, but it is really about pursuing one’s dreams …and a little touch of madness!

In 2000, after we’d built our sustainable, energy efficient home and established the vineyard, we then opened our doors (and hearts) to travellers using the WWOOF scheme. In exchange for their assistance with myriad tasks around the farm, we provide good food, great wine and a comfy bed. During the past dozen or so years, we have hosted almost 400 such guests, many of which we remain in close contact. You will see a small sample of them below. The couple featured with us in the above photograph are a lovely French duo who have now grown into a family and settled in nearby Denmark (Western Australia).

Doing things a little differently, but always with our fellow inhabitants on this planet in mind, has been our motto from the start. You will find us on a continuous sustainability journey – a route that is challenging yet rewarding. Our goal is to craft unique, terroir-specific wine for you to enjoy using practices that care for the earth. We focus our sustainability efforts on four key areas: Regenerative & Organic Farming, Renewable Energy, Recycling and re-use, Revegetation. Our rustic Tasting Room is packed with vintage items and ambient charm, to help you feel relaxed. The tasting room is reached by a gentle meander through our extensive organic gardens, where you’ll see a myriad of fruit growing.